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Adirondack Direct

We offer each franchisee a turn key coordinated approach to all of our products and services, guaranteeing ease of business and top notch quality control. We provide A/V, music, music licensing, sound systems, suspended trusses, surveillance, data racks and TV mounts.

Contact: Timothy Collins
Phone: 315-363-3726




Avitus Group

Avitus Group works with franchises to offer a unique array of services designed to eliminate everyday hassles that come with running a business. Avitus Group offers services such as; Human Resources, Payroll, Accounting, IT, Marketing, Co-employer and Recruiting. Avitus Group gives you the solutions to simplify, strengthen and grow your franchise.

Contact: Chad Postelli
Phone: 303-242-2164





Buxton is a customer analytics company and the industry leader in market planning solutions (i.e. where do you put new stores and how many with sales forecasts and cannibalization). We also help our clients with marketing services (custom acquisition/retention models, list rentals and digital targeting). We just rolled out a revolutionary local store marketing application designed specifically for the franchisee called LSMx.

Phone: 817-332-3681

David N. Kornhauser

David Kornhauser is recognized as a leading franchise lawyer by Lexpert. David represents franchisors, franchisee associations and franchisees. David is the co-author of “FRANCHISEE ASSOCIATIONS IN CANADA.” David has considerable experience in the structure and organization of franchisee associations, providing ongoing advice to franchisee associations and advocating the position of franchisee associations/franchisees.

Contact: David N. Kornhauser
Phone: 416-862-6280


Eagle Eye Networks

The Eagle Eye Security Camera System has been purpose built for the cloud. It provides reliability and redundancy while allowing a choice of many IP cameras (via ONVIF). The Eagle Eye Security Camera System is ideal for servicing multiple locations. It provides access to live and recorded video, from one or more locations, with a single login. Move to the future. Move to Eagle Eye.

Contact: Austen Trimble
Phone: 512-608-1081




Garner & Ginsburg, P.A.

We represent franchisees and dealers in disputes with their franchisors. Michael Garner has won over $240 million in settlements or verdicts on behalf of franchisees and has written the leading legal text on franchising. The firm has been recognized by Best Lawyers, Chambers USA, Franchise Times and Super Lawyers.

Contact: W. Michael Garner
Phone: 612-259-4800


Legally Mine

Legally Mine is the largest asset protection company in the U.S. with over 6,000 clients. We are the most experienced in actually defeating lawsuits and none of our clients have ever lost a dime in a lawsuit.

Contact: Josh Johnson
Phone: 800-375-2453 x142


Makitso USA

Makitso USA is a custom manufacturer and design firm that builds exhibition and Digital Sign Displays.
Our kiosks range from tabletop to large free standing interactive displays and have the unique ability to add shelving, banners, toppers, triangle and quad configurations through our proprietary channel system. Our new Drive Thru unit complements our current outdoor offering and is a collaboration between our Chinese factory and our Korean partner.

Contact: John Tracy
Phone: 941-882-2073


N3 Real Estate

Open two to three times more stores by leasing your real estate from N3. We find the site, provide the capital and build the store quickly. By leasing the real estate, franchisees can open at least two times more stores.

Contact: Chris Via
Phone: 817-348-8748


Pacific Management Consulting Group

Pacific Management Consulting Group is a chain restaurant analysis and advisory firm providing analysis, merger and acquisition support, and legal expert services for franchisee associations and others.

Contact: John Gordon
Phone: 858-874-6626


Swift Sensors

Swift Sensors is a wireless sensor solution used by top restaurant operators to proactively manage walk-in cooler temperatures, freezer and prep line refrigerator temperatures, in addition to other environmental assets. Swift Sensors also provides a wide range of sensors to help restaurant operators manage temperature, humidity, vibration, door access and water presence. Swift Sensors provides an extra layer of security for food safety as well as your brand reputation.

Contact: Jason Duncan
Phone: 512-924-4744

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