Keith Miller, Chairman
North American Association of Subway Franchisees
Concepts: Subway
Franchisee since: 1988
Locations: 3 in CA

“The CFA protects the investments of current and future franchisees. Only an organization representing just franchisees can truly do that, and not be conflicted by other pressures.”
– Keith Miller


Rob Branca, Vice Chairman 
DD Independent Franchise Owners
Concepts: Dunkin’ Donuts and other non-franchised businesses
Franchisee since: 2004
Locations: 86 in MA, NY and OH 

“The most important thing the CFA does is promote the protection of franchise owners’ equity in their businesses.”
– Rob Branca


Connie Kirman, Secretary
International Association of Kumon Franchisees
Concepts: Kumon
Franchisee since: 2008
Locations: 1 in NJ

“The CFA has helped our association offer more services to our members.  Our members appreciate the information we get networking with franchisees from other systems and we have a voice in DC that understands our challenges as small business owners and franchisees.”
– Connie Kirman


Ron Soto, Treasurer
Meineke Dealers Association
Concepts: Meineke
Franchisee since: 1985-2002, currently an Executive Director
Locations: 3 in PA and NJ

“The most important thing the CFA does is educate franchisee leaders.”
– Ron Soto


Misty ChallyExecutive Director

“The CFA serves as an umbrella organization to protect our members – and franchisees in general – from raising our issues of concern in regards to the franchise relationship.”
– Misty Chally

Board Representatives
Illya Berecz North American Association of Subway Franchisees
Eric Chapelle The UPS Store Franchise Owners Association
Peter Cotter National Franchisee Association, Inc.
Jaspreet Dhillon National Coalition of Associations of 7-11 Franchisees
Kristi Hoffman PF Independent Franchisee Association
Terry Hutchinson 7-Eleven Florida Franchise Owners Association
Ali Mazarei Service Station Franchise Association, Inc.
Todd Messer Independent Organization of Little Caesars Franchisees, Inc.
Ken Peebles Domino’s Franchisee Association
Gary Robins Supercuts Franchisee Association
Jack Rugen United Franchise Owners of Long Island & New York
Chirag Shah Asian American Hotel Owners Association
Romy Singh Eastern VA 7-11 Franchisee Owners Association
Christy Williams Franchise Business Services
Ed Wolak Domino’s Franchisee Association
Kristi Keith-Hoffman PF Independent Franchisee Association
Ali Mazaeri Service Station Franchise Association
Jaspreet Dhillon National Coalition of Associations of 7-11 Franchisees
Ed Wolak Maine Franchise Owners Association
Mara Fortin Nothing Bundt Cakes
John Motta DD Independent Franchise Owners, Inc.
Bhavesh Patel Asian American Hotel Owners Association
Chris Schmitz Meineke Dealers Association